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London Live, the capital’s TV channel, interviewed the iconic British actor, writer and comedienne, Stephen Fry, on its breakfast show ‘Wake Up London’. The host of this year’s Baftas thought that since the awards had moved from a post-Oscar slot to a pre-Oscar slot, it has had a huge effect on the global awards ceremonies and the film industry.  He also confessed that one of his favourites this year is the small budget film ‘Under the Skin’ and said that he owes everything to television.

Commenting on the BAFTA influence on other award ceremonies

  • “When I started my very first BAFTA awards it was, the first time that BAFTA moved the film ceremony away from a post-Oscar slot to a pre-Oscar slot. It was also the first time, hard to believe, that they split the television and film awards, so it was just film – and that was all the difference. Because it was pre-Oscars, it meant that a lot of American talent – let’s not be afraid of the vulgarity of wanting American talent here at our awards. A lot of American talent were keen to come, because suddenly like the Golden Globes, it became an index, it became an important way for fighting your campaign for a film and it grew in dignity because, without television – I love television obviously, I owe everything to it. It’s more of a rumbustious vulgar thing, the television awards and I love them, don’t get me wrong.  But the film can then be its own creature and reflect film and be more international and that’s been a huge success.”

Commenting on his favourites 

  • “I don’t think it’s right for me to big up a particular film, but what I will often do is praise a small film that I particularly enjoyed or had a particular effect on me, so I’m thrilled for example  for the best British film category ‘71 and especially Under the Skin, which was a very extraordinary film with Scarlett Johansson and directed by  Jonathan Glazer – most unusual, very beautiful directed, wonderful cinematography, amazing soundscape, everything about it was unusual and different and low budget and  yet brilliantly cinematic, so I’m very happy to praise that above more obvious ones because it needs the attention.”

Commenting on the nominees

  • “The big surprises for me I suppose, and it was a delightful one was particularly Budapest Hotel, the reason why I was surprise, not because it wasn’t a wonderful film, it is, it’s a magnificent film, beautifully shot, magnificently performed, wonderfully directed.  It’s that it was released so long ago. A lot of people think ‘oh you have to in the awards season and the BAFTA voters have no memory, and will never vote for a film that earlier in the year’ – well this film was earlier in the year and it’s swept the board, which is fantastic news for filmmakers everywhere.”
  • “I’m delighted that so many British actors and actresses have been really well represented. Imelda Staulton for Pride, Rosamond Pike for her amazing performance in Gone Girl.”
  • “I thought Foxcatcher and Birdman were marvellous films, as was Nightcrawler.  Jake Gyllenhaal performance was fantastic. And in Birdman, not just the wonderful Michael Keaton but also Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo were both superb in it.”
  • “Obviously Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne who weren’t that much of a surprise perhaps – but that shouldn’t take away how wonderful their performances were.”


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