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Fancy cars are OK. High-end motorcycles are fine too. But the most exclusive and personal vehicles of them all are boats, hands down. Boats provide an air of luxury. After all, not everyone can afford to have a spot at the marina, right? Boats also allow you to escape the chaos of the everyday and find solitude among the waves.

Given that you have some cash at your disposal and you pass all the boating exams necessary to get your boating license, of course, you can design your boat so it could be worthy of an on screen villain. Because, let’s be honest, heroes are generally kind of dull and villains are elegant and mischievous.

Ben Affleck is Ivan Block in Runner Runner (2013)

The soon-to-be-Batman plays an online casino mogul who builds a dodgy gambling empire in Costa Rica. He is confronted by a gambler—played by Justin Timberlake—who claims that Block’s casinos are rigged. They hold a meeting in Block’s awesome sailboat. Boats provide villains with an aura of power and isolation. Block’s boat is classy: white surfaces and shiny wooden panels and tables. Stick to the basics when you design your watercraft.

Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo in Thunderball (1995)

Emilio Largo is the epitome of the Bond villain. He is a deluded millionaire who holds the world’s fate in his hands and will stop at nothing to do what he wants. In this movie, Largo steals two nuclear warheads and forces our beloved 007—played by Sean Connery—to go all the way from cold London to the balmy Bahamas to stop him. In the movie, Largo’s yacht, the Disco Volante, plays a pivotal role, as it is the vessel used by Largo to transport the warheads. Some pretty cool action happens onboard this now legendary vessel. The Disco Volante is simple on the outside, but has a classic wooden decor on the inside. You can never go wrong with wooden marine interiors and they never go out of fashion.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Jordan Belfort, Leo’s character in this now iconic Martin Scorsese movie, might be seen as a hero by some, but the fact is that he made his fortune by taking money from hardworking people makes him a terrible white-collar villain. Belfort was quite extravagant but in a classy kind of way. Belfort’s watercraft, which is visited by a couple FBI agents in one of the movies best scenes, had all the necessary perks to throw a party. The key: make sure there are enough minibars and chairs around, and that the furniture is not that extravagant— there is a fine line between elegant and kitsch.

Michael C. Hall is Dexter Morgan in Dexter

Dexter Morgan, who works for the police during the day and is a serial killer at night, only finds solitude in his boat, Slice of Life. It is a simple, sleek boat that is easy to clean up. After all, this boat is the last place that Dexter’s victims visit before sinking in the ocean. The idea is that if you want a boat only for solitary rides, keep it simple, stick to the basics so the only two things that matter are you and the ocean.

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