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This films tagline ‘Hail to the Teeth!’ is not something I think I’ll find myself shouting anytime soon. When I researched this film I was filled with excitement; it was an exciting and unique idea from a sure to be talent Mike Davis, essentially my bread and butter. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my self-developed hype. Made entirely from recycled and stock footage of old industrial films, B-movies and educational reels that have been dubbed, edited and scripted it has the true grindhouse/B-movie feel but none of the comedy or appeal that make them great.

A Comedy Horror; President Wolfman tells the tale of President of the USA John Wolfman, a man trying to deal with the imminent financial takeover of the US by the Chinese government whilst balancing the fact he has been cursed by a magical coyote. Unable to stop wreaking havoc on his family and citizens, we are asked the question; can President Wolfman save the US from destruction? This is a bizarre story by any terms and at many points is just a step too far; but what kills this film is that it simply isn’t funny. The jokes are pointless, crass and often don’t work. It reeks of trying just a bit too hard to be crazy and imaginative but cannot manage the fine line between B-movie stupidity and just awful.

I want to praise Mike Davis for his creativity, attention to detail and hard work in getting this film funded. I can see a future here, but I just feel the script needed to be a little more reserved. Mental moments have to be rationed but President Wolfman proves to be glutton. I’d recommend this an example of outward thinking and for all those interested in how to produce a low-budget movie; but for most viewers I won’t be recommending this film.

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