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Felicity  Jones’ recent appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is solid proof that Hollywood has taken to the actress, whose humble beginnings started in children’s television dramas as a teen in the nineties. After a deeply affecting and equally as memorable performance in The Invisible Woman, which is set for a Blu-ray and DVD release on 16th June 2014 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment, we chart Felicity Jones’ career rise thus far.

The Worst Witch (1998)
Twenty-something’s would be shocked to realise that up-and-coming British actress Felicity Jones starred in the memorable role of school bully Ethel Hallow in the very first series of ITV’s The Worst Witch. Based on Jill Murphy’s books, the series began in 1998 with a 15-year-old Jones merely appearing for one series despite the show running until 2001 for the simple fact that she missed home; Jones did however star in spin-off Weirdsister College in 2001.

Northanger Abbey (2007)
Jones took the leading role of Catherine Morland in ITV drama Northanger Abbey, an adaptation of the Jane Austen novel. The plot sees Catherine invited to Bath by some family friends, whereby she begins a romantic tryst forcing her imagination to confuse real life with Gothic romance. Jones won the role after her first audition, two weeks after graduating from Oxford, and she starred alongside Carey Mulligan.

Doctor Who  (2008)
Jones starred in a memorable episode of Doctor Who’s fourth series, entitled ‘The Unicorn and the Wasp’, a pseudo-historical comedic murder-mystery tale featuring the character of Agatha Christie. Jones played Robina Redmond, who ended up a cockney master thief dubbed ‘the Unicorn’ who stayed in the country house where Agatha Christie was staying when the Doctor (then played b David Tennant) shows up with his companion, Donna (Catherine Tate).

Brideshead Revisited (2008)
Jones made her break into big-screen features with Brideshead Revisited, written by Andrew Davies, the same screenwriter who had scripted the Northanger Abbey that she appeared in a year previous, based on Evelyn Waugh’s book – and the 80’s television serial – of the same name. A small role, Felicity Jones played Lady Cordelia Flyte, daughter of Emma Thompson’s Marchioness.

Chalet Girl (2011)
For her role in Chalet Girl, in which she starred alongside fellow British actor Ed Westwick (best known to audiences as Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass), Felicity Jones undertook two months of snowboarding training and undercover work in a chalet at St Anton, in which the actress scrubbed toilets and partied at the Krazy Kanguruh. She has since cited the role of Kim Matthews as ‘something of a relief’ after a string of costume roles.

Like Crazy (2011)
Felicity Jones won a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for her performance in Drake Doremus’ as Anna, a British exchange student who falls in love with American student Jacob (Anton Yelchin), who she soon finds herself separated from him when she is denied re-entry for overstaying her student visa. Jones did her own make-up and hair for the film, improvising the entirety of her dialogue – she went on to scoop the Best New Hollywood Award for this film at the 2011 Hollywood Film Awards.

Albatross (2011)
Continuing in what was a vital year for the actress, Felicity Jones starred in coming-of-age comedy drama Albatross, in which she played the daughter of a writer suffering from writer’s block ever since his successful first novel.  The film’s lead was fellow up-and-comer Jessica Brown Findlay (a rising star ever since Downton Abbey), the two forming a close friendship since meeting at the auditions for this film.

The Invisible Woman (2014)
Starring in the lead female role of a film directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes, Felicity Jones stars in the affecting romantic drama The Invisible Woman as Ellen ‘Nelly’ Ternan, a young actress who becomes the object of Charles Dickens’ affections in 1857. Based on Claire Tomalin’s book, the story follows the love affair between the two which lasted for thirteen years. Jones won the role, beating other actresses including Carey Mulligan and Abbie Cornish, delivering a performance that proves she was the undoubted choice for the film.

The Invisible Woman is released on DVD and Blu-ray on 16
th June 2014 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment

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