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To celebrate the DVD release of Yonderland this week, we’ve been thinking about all the classic and popular TV shows over the years. As Yonderland is one of the most-talked about new family shows of the past six months, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the nation’s top 10 most-loved nation’s loved family TV shows, old and new.


Must-see family comedy Yonderland reunites the award-winning writing and acting team behind Horrible Histories, for a heart-warming and unusually unique adventure series. Delving into Yonderland allows the whole family to let their imagination and laughter run wild. The show follows Mum Debbie Maddox who unexpectedly finds herself on a quest through the mysterious and wild world of Yonderland, with only an Elf by her side.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of the most popular animated sitcoms across the world. It follows the hilarious daily antics of the Simpsons family as well as their neighbours in Springfield. Homer is the dumb, beer-loving, unhealthy father who we frequently see getting parenting a bit skewed. Marge tries to keep the peace as mother of two completely opposite children, Bart and Lisa. Bart is the menace of the house, school and town and is looked on with disgust by his sister, Lisa, who’d rather be buried in a book than get involved in his antics.


Blackadder is a classic comedy that encompasses four series of a BBC period British sitcom. Starring Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder and Tony Robinson as Baldrick, each series was set in a different historical time period. As each series progresses, Atkinson’s character appears to become increasingly wise and perceptive, whilst his family’s social status withers. Silly and light-hearted, Blackadder charms people of all ages.

Doctor Who

Since 1963, Doctor Who has wooed sci-fi fans following the adventurous explorations of the Doctor, a time-travelling humanoid alien. He explores the universe in his Tardis defeating numerous evil foes, helping the save civilians. Doctor Who is still going strong today on its 12th doctor, played by Peter Capaldi.


Outnumbered is the hilarious, part-improvised comedy about a couple bringing up three naughty kids. Often outsmarted by Karen, Ben and Jake, the long-suffering parents are “outnumbered” by them as their daily life is crumbles into chaos and contest.

The Good Life

The Good Life was a 70s comedy about the frugal lives of a married couple, Barbara and Tom. In an attempt to escape the trials and tribulations of “modern living”, they try to become totally self-sufficient, which usually leads to hilarious compromises and mischief. Despite the characters’ frequent complications, the show warms the hearts of everyone watching with the character’s appreciation for the little things in life.

Modern Family

Modern Family is an American comedy series about the lives of three families who expose the warm yet twisted aspects of today’s modern family. The series is shot in a “mockumentary” style with Jay at head of the family with his spirited second wife Gloria at his side. The couple are joined with their two adult children and their families as a Dutch documentary crew tape them for an upcoming reality-based television series due to air in the Netherlands.

The Vicar of Dibley

Geraldine Granger (Dawn French) is not your usual vicar, firstly she’s a woman and secondly she’s is doesn’t always follow the guidance of the Bible. Frequently getting into romantic affairs and drunken exploits, Geraldine is rarely on time for her own church service! Once the village have got used to her lively presence, the vicar is popular and leads the village idiots (for there are many) as they attempt to keep the parish organised and well-funded.

Only Fools and Horses

Delboy is the ever-optimistic cockney lad who is always persuading his gormless brother, Rodney, to help him make the millions that he dreams of. The series follows the lives of the two brothers who live in a flat in a high-rise in Peckham. Things don’t always go to plan however as the mischievous brothers scrape their living by selling various dodgy goods, driven around London in their infamous Three Wheeler. The series was a huge success and even contributed several words and phrases to the English language.

Yonderland Season One is available to own now on DVD.

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