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Did you ever feel capable of great feats? Did you ever feel the strength to do something beyond human understanding and capabilities? Have you ever seen your dreams come to life, slowly finding materiality and becoming real?

This pure desire to achieve your dream, to make it living reality, will sometime lead you to greatness. Because greatness is determined by the scale of dignity of the one great. And being great can be reached only by pursuing recklessly an insane dream. To watch someone with this scale of determination, with such strength and faith, is more than encouraging and inspiring. It gives you faith in your won force, giving you an impulse to pursue your own dream on whatever cost.

It is shown already in the Turbo trailer, that it is not just a cartoon, plainly with a commencement of a story, the progress of this story, its peak and the finish, but actually it is the story of a snail, whose dream turned out to be greater than every superstition, every hesitation, even the nature itself. Theo, the main character of the Turbo movie, is a little snail with an amazing dream, which did not put up with mockery of his own relatives and with lashings of his brother that the life of the snail is a miserable existence. A trick of nature, a joke, a speedy snail. Who could have ever taken into serious account a snail who dreams to participate in a human car race? But Turbo made himself count, and he made the others to believe in him. Turbo is a cartoon in which we are face with an incredibly hard choice between a settled, calm, familiar life and an insane reckless dream, which can result in horrible death or can lead you to the eternal greatness.

The Turbo trailer shows us that the cartoon carries the most important ideas, which our children should absorb. A little snail, who chose a sonorous nickname and pursued a dream which seemed impossible, dared to challenge his fate, and the fate endowed him with a wonderful gift. Little Theo became the incredible Turbo, who defied every law in the existing universe, proving that even snail are capable of the great deeds.

Perhaps, we have heard the motto of keeping holding on, no retreat and no surrender for far too long, but Turbo gives the new meaning to these inspiring words. Delightful, kind, enlightening and incredibly positive Turbo is meant to instill into people’s minds an unaccountable, a little insane, but bright and beautiful belief in oneself, in the power of desire and faith.

The story of little determined snail is meant to inspire and to encourage, and the whole Turbo movie is a creation of pure kindness and loyalty, it is a creation of dreamers for dreamers to praise the power dream.

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