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By Annie Rooke

Written, produced and starring British funny man Steve Coogan, Philomena is a heart wrenching yet entertaining true story of a woman trying to find her long lost son. Judi Dench once more proves she is a national legend by superbly playing the lovable and naïve Philomena. Steve Coogan plays the witty and pessimistic journalist Martin who although originally joins Philomena on her journey selfishly for a story to sell soon becomes attached to the sweet main character. The connection between Coogan and Dench is something to be noted as they bring and mother and son like dynamic to the film instead of a romantic feel…thankfully.

When arriving at the cinema if you are too young to remember where you were when JFK was shot you may get looks from the audience the film originally attracts. I can assure you though that this film is excellent for all audiences with jokes that may take you by surprise (especially the younger audience). This is definitely one you can watch with older family members as the ‘bad language’ is limited and the sex scenes are non-existent so there are no awkward family moments after which is refreshing! Altogether this is an excellently portrayed true life story which is beautifully written and acted by an esteemed cast. Audiences should be warned that by the end of this film they may have a different opinion on nuns.

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