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Britflicks have compiled a list of the top 69 Best British drama films as the second part in a series of articles highlighting the Best British films the UK has to offer.

Out of the 69 British drama films the top director with four entries is David Lean and if we had been able to include Dr Zhivago as a British film production he would have had five entries. Runners-up with 3 entries a piece are Ken Loach and the legendry Stanley Kubrick, followed by Steve McQueen, Shane Meadows, Neil Jordan, Mike Leigh, Michael Powell, Lynne Ramsay, Danny Boyle, Carol Reed, Anthony Minghella, John Boorman and Andrea Arnold all with two entries respectively.

All 69 British drama films add up to a total of 8148 minutes or 5 days, 15 Hours and 47 minutes of footage, giving an average film length of 118 minutes. The longest being Lawrence of Arabia at a whopping 216 minutes, leaving David Lean’s 86 minute romance a real ‘Brief Encounter’.

The 69 Best British drama films are as follows;

1. A Clockwork Orange
2. Lawrence of Arabia
3. Gandhi
4. The Railway Children
5. Trainspotting
6. The End Of The Affair
7. Walkabout
8. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
9. The Killing Fields
10. The Third Man
11. The Long Good Friday
12. The Bridge on the River Kwai
13. Cold Mountain
14. Children Of Men
15. Midnight Express
16. Brief Encounter
17. Atonement
18. The Pianist
19. A Man For All Seasons
20. Eyes Wide Shut
21. Barry Lyndon
22. Oliver!
23. The English Patient
24. Quadrophenia
25. Notes On A Scandal
26. Goodbye, Mr Chips
27. Shooting Dogs
28. The Kings Speech
29. A Matter of Life and Death
30. Cashback
31. If…..
32. Billy Elliot
33. Dead Man’s Shoes
34. We Need To Talk About Kevin
35. Women In Love
36. The Constant Gardener
37. Women In Love
38. Kes
39. Brazil
40. Black Narcisuss
41. Watership Down
42. Chariots Of Fire
43. Control
44. An Education
45. Naked
46. The Last King Of Scotland
47. Whistle Down The Wind
48. Shame
49. In America
50. Pure
51. Secrets and Lies
52. Scum
53. The Crying Game
54. A Field In England
55. Nowhere Boy
56. The Magdalene Sisters
57. My Name Is Joe
58. Hunger
59. Shallow Grave
60. This Is England
61. Nil By Mouth
62. Hope and Glory
63. Excalibur
64. Fish Tank
65. Tyrannosaur
66. Ratcatcher
67. Sweet Sixteen
68. The Flying Scotsman
69. Red Road

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