Percy Jackson: His Fate Will Decide Our Future. Once Again.

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So Percy Jackson is back in all his glory and once again ready to save our mortal world from the most horrible monsters and the most dreadful misfortunes. Maybe, for some the first movie about the brave and slightly clumsy son of Poseidon remained a cute fantasy for children from the middle school. Well, with the second one this impression is about to change drastically.

Сharming Logan Lerman has lost his youthful bloom, became a little more manly and now is going to prevent all of us from a terrible death. His old friends, Brandon T. Jackson, aka charismatic satyr, and cute Alexandra Daddario, aka the mighty and wise daughter of Athena, will accompany with him on a dangerous journey, full of questionable adventures. Mythical creatures, legendary monsters and truly divine plot twists – all this and far more awaits in the new movie about the fearless Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. This time our heroes have to encounter some real dangers: they are ought to travel to the Sea of Monsters, which is located in the place which us, mortals, are accustomed to call the Bermuda Triangle. Of course, there is hidden the only artifact which is powerful enough to save our world from all the evils, and from the revival of the bloodthirsty Kronos, in particular, who longs to enslave the universe and destroy the hapless Olympians. This artifact – the legendary Golden Fleece, probably, will become even more valuable after all the obstacles that the young demigods will have to overcome in order to get it. Percy Jackson and his crew will have to battle such legendary monsters as atrocious Scylla, colossal Charybdis, treacherous sorceress Circe, sweet voiced sirens and ruthless Cyclops Polyphemus.

Although the second “Percy Jackson” obviously fades in the comparison with the first one with its pantheon of famous actors, such as Shaun Bean, Pierce Brosnan and Rosario Dawson, “The Sea of Monsters” promises to be far more spectacular. Extraordinary special effects, incredibly beautiful mythical creatures, faithful friends, courage, strength and honor – “Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters” coming soon to inspire you with a whole magical world.

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