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Going to university look great in the movies. It’s a non-stop party and you get to learn at the same time as getting to go out on the lash every night of the week. Films such as Monsters University and Legally Blonde are great; because they make the university life look fun, encourage young people to go to university and to do better for themselves. But they don’t reveal the harsh realities that some student may face as they end up in debt.

Going to university is very expensive. After three years of university, you can end up in more debt than you think. Student loans from the government might not have to be paid back until you are earning over the threshold of £21,000, but student living works out very expensive for some people and that can mean overdrafts, loans and credit cards that have to be paid back regardless of your income.

It can start out small, borrowing some money off one of your friends to pay for a night out until your student loan comes in. But these small debts can soon spiral. There are unscrupulous companies out there who will charge you extortionate fees and rates that mean that if you miss one payment you could end up with a huge amount of money debt and credit issues further down the line.

Some students are ending up with debts of £60,000 when they leave university, almost a small mortgage. There are ways of keeping your spending in check while you are a student to stop this happening to you. You can take a part time job while you are studying to offset any costs that you incur. This will fill up your time so that you can’t go out spending, and give you extra money for when you do go out.

University is an experience not to be missed, and if you are careful, you could come out with barely any debt and get yourself a job that will mean that it doesn’t matter about how much debt you are in as you earn enough to pay it off and then some. It doesn’t have to be a Scream 2 style nightmare, just be sensible and budget your money. Take note of your outgoings and incomings and try to stick to a reasonable financial budget. There are a number of competitive student bank accounts that can help you with your cash flow by offering free overdrafts, but just remember you’ve got to pay it all back when it’s over.

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