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Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival is delighted to be supporting another vibrant film festival in Bristol’s autumn calendar, the Afrika Eye Film Festival.

Afrika Eye Film Festival showcases films that tell stories told by African and diaspora voices. Bringing together local African and Afro-Caribbean communities with international figures in film, music, and dance, Afrika Eye aims to offer an insight into African culture both on and beyond the screen.

The 2012 edition takes place from 9 – 11 November at Bristol’s Watershed. One of its core themes this year is dedicated to celebrating 50 years of independence for Jamaica. Showing Jamaica in all its raw, gritty and glorious reality, the programme blends subtle hues of history and politics from the newest and best Jamaican films, guest curated by renowned artist of Jamaican heritage, Graeme Evelyn. The festival will also commemorate the remarkable power of healing in Africa that has evolved from deep crisis and trauma.

A partnership with WOMAD Foundation brings young people’s workshops in music, dance, visual arts and mask making while Pervasive Media Studios will host a ground-breaking seminar exploring the potential of digital film making and distribution in Africa and connecting with iHub in Nairobi to discuss interactivity possibilities between Bristol and Nairobi. And the festival’s healing strand proffers two phenomenally moving films looking at trauma healing in the war scarred Democratic Republic of Congo, each film conveying a journey from pain to joy and freedom.

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