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Eureka Entertainment has announced for release as part of its world-renowned and award-winning Masters of Cinema Series a glorious presentation of Stanley Kubrick’s rarely-seen first feature film, Fear And Desire, in a new restoration carried out by The Library of Congress in conjunction with Kino Lorber, Inc. This is the first time the film will officially appear on home video in the United Kingdom, and will be released in Blu-ray and DVD editions in late January 2013.

This edition will mark the first wide-release of the only other Stanley Kubrick film which has remained nearly impossible to see in the United Kingdom — since the 1999 re-release of the notorious, following the director’s death.

The film tells the story of a war waged (in the present? in the future?) between two forces… In the midst of the conflict, a plane carrying four soldiers has crashed behind enemy lines. From here out, it is kill or be killed: a female hostage is taken on account of being a potential informer; an enemy general and his aide are discovered during a scouting mission… What lies in store for this ragtag group of killers, between their perilous landing in the forest, and the final raft-float downstream… this is the tale of Kubrick’s extraordinary picture.

Ron Benson, Managing Director of Eureka Entertainment stated “It is an unbelievable privilege to be able to make this thrilling film available in such an extraordinary restoration as carried out by Kino Lorber and the Library of Congress, and to present it in a form which will ‘do right’ by Kubrick — that director whose exacting standards, more than any other, warrant a conscientious and superb presentation.”

EDIT – Here’s a clip.

And another clip –


Eureka Entertainment have announced that in support of the release on home video of Stanley Kubrick’s FEAR AND DESIRE, the film will be screening across venues in the Picturehouse Chain from 4th January 2013.

Full Details are as follows:

Duke’s at Komedia, Brighton – Jan 4-5 2013 (2 days)
Harbour Lights Picturehouse – Jan 6 2013, Jan 10 2013 (2 days)
Stratford Picturehouse, East London – Jan 10 2013 (1 day)
Greenwich Picturehouse – Jan 10 2013 (1 day)
Ritzy Picturehouse, Brixton – Jan 14 2013 (1 day)
Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford – Jan 14 2013 (1 day)
Hyde Park Picturehouse, Leeds – Jan 17 2013 (1 day)
Clapham Picturehouse – Jan 20 2013 (1 day)
Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool – Jan 21 2013 (1 day)
Cameo Picturehouse, Edinburgh – Jan 24 2013 (1 day)
Exeter Picturehouse – Jan 28 2013 (1 day)
City Screen Picturehouse, York – Jan 28 2013 (1 day)
Cinema City, Norwich – Jan 28 2013 (1 day)
The Belmont Picturehouse, Aberdeen – Jan 30 2013 (1 day)
Hackney Picturehouse – Jan 31 2013 (1 day)

For further details of the screenings http://www.picturehouses.co.uk/

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