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Never Too Late follows four young people on their search for love, acceptance and happiness. Ethan and Anna are a couple on the verge of taking their relationship to the next level. Chase lacks his own voice and does not know how to pursue what he really wants. Madeline desires to change the world and make it a better place.
I spoke to Melissa Sherry (Producer, Casting Director) and Angelique Bucciero (Actress, “Madeline”) about it.  I am AW.

AW: Never Too Late is your latest project? How has it gone?

MS: Never Too Late was a challenging but very rewarding project. We started production back in May of 2010. Now, Nov.4th 2011 we will all finally be able to see the finished product. This was a huge step for Hollow Tree Films. It was the largest cast to date that we have worked with–20 plus actors–and about 15 crew members as well–plus additional extras–so managing everyone’s schedule could get somewhat crazy at times. But the beauty of film making is that it brings people together. You work long hours for weeks on end. You really get to know people, connect with them, and become a family. It’s a really beautiful thing.

AB: Never Too Late has been my latest acting project. I helped with pre-production for Lucidity and I am hoping to help with Hollow Tree Film’s newest project, Semblance. I think it went really well. It was my first real interaction with film production and I completely fell in love with it.

AW: Do you feel the film has an underlying message?

MS: The biggest message that Never Too Late puts out is that there is always hope. Hope never dies.

AB: Well, if you look into any film, there is an underlying message. Without having any heavy symbolism, our story plays out very simply- it’s about persevering through life. I believe that a lot of people go through life without cherishing the moment or taking advantage of the opportunities that come their way. I think the film exemplifies what can happen when you take a hold and ride life, instead of just waddling through.

AW:What will audiences take away from Never Too Late?

MS: That no matter where life takes them that they should always try and achieve their dreams in life. To never be afraid to speak the truth, stand up for what they believe in, and remember that the possibilities in life are endless. And of course, that it is never too late for change.

AB: I think the audience will gain hope. Above all, above all the craziness and drama of life, have hope.

AW: What are you hoping for when it’s out?

MS: As far as the cast and crew: I hope they are happy with the finished product. As far as business aspirations: I hope Never Too Late does well on the film festival circuit and I hope it peaks the interest of viewers in Hollow Tree Films future projects.

AB: I’m hoping that this will bring big things for Hollow Tree Films, in general. There may be some recognition, but I hope the message of the film stands above all else.

AW: Any films you have seen that have left a lasting impression with you?

MS: The movie Now And Then always seems to get me. Ever since I was younger I’ve loved that movie. This movie is about friendship–that no matter where life takes you—there will be people in your life that will always be there for you.

AB: You can’t ask that of people who love film! There are too any films to count. That’s the beauty of film! That’s the beauty of art in general.

AW: Anything you want to get off your chest right now?

MS: I’m extremely excited for the premiere of Never Too Late this Friday!! I’m so grateful for the cast & crew’s hard work, our supporters, and how far Hollow Tree Films has come in the past few years.

AB: Thank you for this opportunity. And to the wonderful cast and crew, THANK YOU!

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