Tour of Duty – MUSIC

Tour of Duty - MUSIC

Coming soon is the DVD release of the groundbreaking war drama Tour of Duty, coming out this year. Set during the Vietnam conflict it has a loyal following but what fans have never been able to enjoy was the show with the original amazing soundtrack intact as rights had never been cleared. Instead people had to make do with replacement music which really detracted from the mix of breathtaking action with thought-provoking drama while addressing the human elements of the conflict, from issues of racism and culture to suicide, drug abuse, the civilian casualties and the alienation of those soldiers who made it home alive.

Now, Tour Of Duty comes to UK DVD in its original broadcast format, for the first time ever in any worldwide territory, including the full original soundtrackof classic music tracks – including the main title track, The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” – that importantly set the tone and mood of the series and helped make it so popular with viewers.
This is a very cool release – a real gem waiting to be rediscovered especially as the 80s were big for ‘Nam movies – some very fine movies too – Band of Brothers and The Pacific then made WWII required viewing on TV in the past years but Tour of Duty was ahead of its time and people couldn’t see it as originally broadcast… until now.
Here is a jukebox of all the tracks that feature in volume 1 on .


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