The Big Rich DVD Review: Wreckage

This time around I was hoping to do something a bit different. BRWC is 3 and I thought well lets do a twitter review. In theory this should’ve been packed full of comedy gold. Full to the brim with wit, pithiness and chortles……the outcome was slightly off.

I’ll do a quick review here as the film really doesn’t deserve much. It is a horrible mess. Wreckage does nothing for a genre that is past it’s prime. Twisty turny slasher flicks are, or were, wonderful. I for one love the Scream franchise, and my personal favourite Urban Legend was great fun to watch as all your guesses met they’re maker in increasingly fantastical ways. Wreckage is the oposite. It is, as I’ve already said…a mess. The film makes no sense, from it’s vague opening to it’s hollow and downright awful twist it actually lost me at one point, and I didn’t care who copped it next. The prison escapee, the quiet rural sheriffs dept, the hero and his fiance and his friend the nut job. 

The killer isn’t anything to do with the junkyard either. The killer got angry at his missus, shot her and then went on a rampage killing everyone in sight. The writers haven’t given us enough to flesh out our theories.
There’s not enough to play whodunnit. I wanted to be guessing until the very end, I didn’t want to notice that the killer and another character were wearing the same clothes! Not even ‘her from one tree hill’ or ‘that one from free willy’ could save us from cold dialogue, rubbish effects, corn syrup and old people swearing. Don’t get me started on the hillbilly!

Right now thats done here’s the twitter review…..
_BigRich About to watch Wreckage for @brwc
_BigRich We’re off to a good start. Possibly the most affective use of child actors! #wreckage
_BigRich Amazing. How do we make 4 twenty somethings need to venture into a junkyard? Yes that’s it, they need a fan belt!
_BigRich Over use of a fog machine does not atmosphere make! #wreckage
_BigRich And the first death is an accidental shooting. This film has a shit ton of ground to make! #wreckage
_BigRich And so one of the actresses used to be in one tree hill. Ladies and gents we’re in the presence if true greatness. #wreckage
_BigRich An escaped convict. A junkyard. And now the local red kneck. Smashing! #wreckage
_BigRich Let’s see If you can tell me what happens next. Woman escapes killers clutches. Woman stands under a car suspended by wires……. #wreckage
_BigRich Fuck me, they end on a fireworks display. No word of a lie. #wreckage
_BigRich Well. Well. Well. Well. Well. That can firmly, forever, get filed under horse shit. #wreckage
_BigRich Welcome now to the epilogue: twists! #wreckage
JackieBoor I think this film is trying to add a little humour with the red neck! #wreckage
JackieBoor The acting is as cold as the all the metal in the junk yard they caught in. #wreckage
JackieBoor ‘rickie put the gun down’ this child is no more then 10!! #thewreckage
JackieBoor I don’t like horror films. But here we go #thewreckage.
JackieBoor To sum the #wreckage up: it came down a act of brotherly love 15 years ago which lead to a blood bath in a junk yard today…
JackieBoor Oh wait I was right. #wreckage
JackieBoor Oh no I was wrong! #wreckage
JackieBoor It looks like time is up for one tree hill girl. #wreckage
JackieBoor I’m getting bored… #wreckage
sbishopwylde Wreck of Ages… Even Scoot McNairy couldn’t save this film #wreckage
sbishopwylde Now the Hick has a gun. Wait, can I say Hick? ……. Like I care… #wreckage
sbishopwylde It’s ok everyone! She’s from Free Willy! All will be well now… #wreckage
sbishopwylde I’m gonna kick @brwc in the nads for this “gem” of a film #wreckage

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