The Man Who Married Himself – RICHARD E GRANT INTERVIEW

Richard E Grant (Oliver)

How would you describe your character, Oliver?

Grant: My character is very lonely and isolated. He can’t find love, a modern dilemma! Because he can’t find a suitable woman to marry he decides to marry himself.

What’s your relationship with Emilia Fox in the short?

Grant: He’s a man who’s a complete narcissist so finds a woman who worships at the altar of himself – ideal wife – for him, not mine!

Why did you chose to appear in the film?

Grant: The title – you know it’s going to unusual. And Charlie Fish had written such an off the wall story. It has an internal logic that just appealed to me. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

Where there any scenes you looked forward to shooting?

Grant: My wedding night scene and to be seen post-pleasuring myself with the entire range of Ann Summers around me.

What will audiences take away from it?

Grant: I hope they laugh! It’s been very stylishly costumed and the sets and all of that adds to it. With this level of professionalism I’m sure it has a good chance. It’s an original story and idea, so that’s always going to attract people.

Could you marry yourself?

Grant: Having been married 23 years myself… being married to yourself is tragic!

The Man Who Married Himself plays at Rhodes Island International Film Festival August 10-15th and more to follow…

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