Classic Scene : 25th Hour (2002)

“So, why dont you tell us about your friend Nikolai ?”

David Benioff masterfully adapts his own novel for a Spike Lee Joint. The last day of freedom for a man before serving a 7 year jail term for drug dealing. Wonderfully told with a serious of flashbacks, this is one of Director Lee’s finest hours as a film maker.

SETTING THE SCENE : Federal Agents Flood (Isiah Whitlock Jr) and Cunningham (Michael Genet) are laying down the law whilst interrogating Monty Brogan (Edward Norton) after a kilo of herion is found in his apartment. However, they may not get the usual response their use to…


Agent Flood : You don’t read the papers much, do you smart guy ? In New York, we’ve a wonderful thing called the Rockefeller laws. Let me educate you. You had a kilo in your sofa. That kind of weight makes it an A1 felony. 15 years to life minimum for a first offence. Now with that much spread in the sentencing guidelines, the judges take their cues from the prosecutors. So if the prosecutors wife busted his chops that morning, you’re fucked. You’re gone for good. If you get lucky, really lucky and let’s say he got some good trim the night before. Maybe he’ll plea you off to an A2. But that’s still 3 to 8 for first time, minimum. How much of that stretch you pull is all up to the mood of the prosecutor. And he’s gonna ask us, “Did he play ball ?” So, why don’t you tell us about your friend, Nikolai ? Let us make it easy on you.

Monty Brogan : (to Agent Cunningham) Can I ask you one question ?

Agent Cunningham : Sure.

Monty Brogan : When you have your dick in his mouth, does he just keep talking like that ? Cause it seems to me he just never shuts up. I’m just curious does that get annoying ? You know, you’re fucking a guy in the mouth and he just won’t shut up ?

Agent Cunningham : Look here, you vanilla motherfucker. When you’re upstate, takin’ it in the “culo” by a buncha guys callin’ you Shirley, you’ll only have yourself and Governor Rockefeller to thank for the privilege.

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