Kat Dennings And The Dangers Of Going To The Movies…

2009 has been a great year for movies, there’s been a really interesting mix of fantastic cinema this year and 2010 promises even greater things. Recently there was a piece of casting news that made me go ‘Yay!’, but, at the same time, take a little covetous step backwards and scowl like Gollum.

Early this year I was sat in Cineworld Brighton, I’d had a very uneventful day and decided to watch a movie, any movie, I didn’t care, I wasn’t even sure there was anything on I really wanted to see. The pick of the uninspiring selection on offer was the Michael Cera comedy Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, a film I had no strong feelings about one way or the other before the lights dimmed. Whilst watching this movie something very strange occured, something that made me question my sanity as a 26 year old. I found myself starting to fancy Norah, and not just in the usual manner wherein you find an actress attractive or such-like, but this was like that moment where you see someone pretty in a bar, you somehow manage to get into a conversation with them and find out you’ve got similar outlooks, things in common, it’s perfect. Watching Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist was like a great first date, the only problem was it was all happening to Michael Cera and I was just the pitiful observer staring up at the projection. It seems even weirder now I’m writing it down…

Basically, I have a big crush on Kat Dennings, and it goes beyond this performance, she’s a semi-regular blogger and has posted some wonderfully batty videos to YouTube, but still, I must repeat, she is a movie star, she is far, far away. Bugger.

But there was some strange sense of accomplishment, because whenever someone would idly ask ‘What celebrity do you fancy?’ or ‘Which character from a movie would you like to date?’ or such-like my answer would always be met with ‘Who?’. She was a secret, and her upcoming roster of films promised to keep her that way… until today.

Dennings has been cast in Kenneth Branagh’s big budget superhero flick Thor and it seems, terrible pun alert, the Kat may be out of the bag. Today both Empire and Ain’t It Cool were professing their admiration for her and I just have to grumble as she undoubtedly becomes caught up in waves of lust and longing by hundreds of thousands of other sad, pathetic people like me who waste their time day dreaming about going on a date with someone you’re used to seeing projected ten feet high.

What have I learnt this year? I’ve learnt that the movies are dangerous. Video nasties won’t harm our minds, we won’t go out on killing sprees because we saw Saw, but we will end up in a slump because Michael Cera gets to kiss Kat Dennings, because Anton Yelchin gets to kiss Kat Dennings and who knows what the mighty Thor has in store for her.

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