Son Of A Lion

Mara Pictures, distributors of the wonderful Ramchand Pakistani, are releasing Son Of A Lion in independent cinemas across the UK from November 6th through till end of December. The film is the first Australian-Pakistan co-production about the clash of generations in Pakistan’s rural and conservative North West Frontier Province.

Son Of A Lion is the feature film debut by Australian film-maker Benjamin Gilmour.

From the press release –

“The idea behind Son Of A Lion was conceived while Gilmour was working as a set nurse on The Bill and Murphy’s Law. After being turned down by major UK media corporations to produce the film, Gilmour elaborates on his unique experience- “I ended up in the wilds of tribal Pakistan and was befriended by ethnic Pashtuns facing aerial attacks from US drones and ground attacks from their own army. While sheltered by the locals and constantly pursued by secret service and the military, a local clan collaborated with me to make this film at a great risk to their own lives. The original script for Son Of A Lion changed remarkably as numerous Pashtuns contributed to make it a story of their own, a story they are desperate for the world to hear. It is without a doubt the first feature film of its kind, written and directed in close collaboration with the Pashtuns themselves.”

I hope to see the film soon, and conduct an interview with Benjamin Gilmour. Fingers crossed for me, and I’ll keep you posted.

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