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By Robert Mann.

Here is the trailer for a delightful looking independent film called One Wish starring Kevin Kilner (from TV’s Earth: Final Conflict) and the lovely Christa B Allen (best known for 13 Going On 30).

No release date is set at this time.


Plot Synopsis

Jake Wylie is a happily married father or a teen-aged daughter, Molly, who is a dance champion preparing for the most important dance tournament of her life. Jake and his family are having their usual excellent time on The Promenade one evening when he sees that a three-year old girl is about to be hit by an oncoming automobile. Jake does the heroic thing and quickly moves to save the little girl’s life. Little does he know that good deeds are being rewarded that week and, because of his actions, he is being granted one wish. And little does he know what that one wish will do to his daughter and to his entire family.


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