Dogme 95 (It’s Dutch Remember?)

Disbanded in 2005 for breaking its own rule, #8 – genre movies are NOT ACCEPTABLE,
the DOGME 95 movement fulfilled its suicidal tendencies and removed themselves from the scene. Yet curious and high, I remain intrigued by this renegade band of Dutch ovens. I find myself dangerously drawn to the precipice of their movie madness. A madness riddled with unprecedented order and regimen matched only by the Spartans.

Let’s go over some rules

Rule #9 NO Widescreen
Rule #1 NO PROPS
Rule #3 Cameras MUST BE HANDHELD

Need I go on – there are 10 rules total – I dare you to find the rest while indulging in a blur of minimalist production and even less narrative.

” The manifesto that brought filmmaking closer to amateur porn”
Armond White the American Film Critic

“The Director must NOT BE CREDITED – Rule #10

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