Spiritual Warriors, 2007 Dir: David Raynr

Spiritual Warriors, 2007 Dir: David Raynr

Spiritual Awareness you say with a confused look, marred with a scrunched up toffee face.
An adventure sci-fi film about spiritual awareness? A stream of rubbish thoughts link into your process, leaving nothing left to think apart from connecting the two words. ‘Crap’ and ‘Film’.

Here is the plot:
After escaping from a drugs deal gone wrong our savior, Finn (Jsu Garcia) runs into a creepy old fellow Roger who recognizes him somehow. As if they are spiritually aware of each other.
Good versus evil persists and stuff happens as Finn slowly changes his ways and believes the Roger character more. So much that they both head to Egypt for some spiritual quest for some reason. More good versus evil things happen when they return.

WATCH OUT! Beware of the devil in disguise. There is a final battle scene of good versus evil and that is the film. This all happens whilst helpful spiritual tips *in a cult like fashion* are fed at regular chapters of the film, just so you don’t forget the spiritual awareness factor.

The background of the film may help our understanding to the reason why. Why? Why?!

Background of the film: Co-written between Jsu Garcia and John Roger who created the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness group.

This peculiarity of the storyline is dull, uninteresting and generally annoying. Loaded of far too much unneeded special effects, it fails in capturing anyone’s imagination.

The old wise man Roger was a constant thorn in my side whilst watching as he shares acting common ground with a rocking horse. Wooden. I don’t care if he was a Klingon Judge in Star Trek. ‘Roger’ ends up being more creepy than he should be, with his mind-numbing accent that interchanges.

The amount of time Finn and Roger are onscreen is too long. This is an attempt squeeze story line details via weak dialogue all to allow the sinister message about spiritual awakening.

There was also no chemistry between Finn and love interest Claire (Shyla Marlin). No connections at all to assemble the importance of love and a connection between people.

Spiritual Warriors is the story of a misguided actor…my sentiments exactly. Watching Jsu Gacia in this film you can see he can do much more. Especially his Cuban roots in the likes of Che; Part One or any parts for the Cuban revival of recent times.

This Straight to DVD film is best avoided.

A cult film, meaning it could be shown at a cult Spiritual Awakening day out. Maybe on the spiritual awakening bus or something like that.


1.5 spiffles out of 10 wangatangas

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