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“…I also produce short films and music videos for local bands for absolutely no budget whatsoever. I am working to build a portfolio of work in order to gain more links with like-minded people and up-and-coming local bands. I want to provide high quality, low cost videos and films.

My short term goal is assemble enough of the basic equipment needed to do this. My long term goal is to build a reputation as a solid filmmaker and use my contacts and reputation to advance my career.

Right now, my biggest barrier to entry is saving enough money to buy the quality equipment. I have a basic Sony DV camera which works fine (although I would love a HD cam!), but the main problem is my Apple G4 iBook. It has served me well since I bought it, but it’s started to show its age, especially when it come to editing and storing footage. I am hoping a fundraiser will help me to reach my goal of purchasing a new Macbook Pro. A upgrade like this would make things a lot quicker and easier for me, and the people I have and will work with.

If you can help, I would love you to donate. I will accept any donation, whether made via fundable or straight to my paypal account.

My goal is to raise $1500 minimum, but I could use a lot more if I am able to raise more money, so I am creating the fundraiser to continue accepting pledges even after the goal is reached.

For every pledge a handwritten note of thanks will be winging its way to you.

For every $10 you pledge, you will be thrown into a hat to win a personal prize from me which consists of – A short film on DVD, dedicated to you, made using iMovie HD on the new Macbook Pro, a handwritten letter of thanks and congratulations from myself, a huge thank you to you placed on my film blog, an invitation to contribute to BRWC, and some other bits and pieces…”

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