Watchmen, Idiocy, And Why I Will Marry You All.

Before I begin the first of my bizarre ramblings, I would just like to take a moment to introduce myself. There, now that I’ve managed to do that without embarrassment or saying something controversial I can move on… Tim Burton is overrated. Damn! I knew I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

Blogging is not an art form, it’s an amazing amalgamation of opinions and ideas that we writers, with complete arrogance I might add, launch into the already saturated internet teeming with opinion, rage and most of all, idiocy. So why should you Dear Reader, care what we think? Why would it really bother you if I thought a film was good, or bad, or if think Jessica Alba is hot (she’s used to be…. used to.) The point is that you read either to entrench your own already uncompromising opinion or to be inspired. Oh yeah, and entertainment. That last one is what I shall try and do throughout the features I will be covering. Therefore, I will try and steer clear from blogging about my opinions and instead try to write factual articles with insight and little bias. Well… I’m going to try. Actually forget it; it seems like too much hard work so I may as well just move on with my point… which I’ve forgotten. Oh it’s back. Here you are, reading my words with glee, disdain or ambivalence but it doesn’t matter, because right now, you are everything in the world to me little reader friend… yes you are.

Now a confession (yes reader, writing is cathartic) I am a nerd. Or a geek. I don’t know the difference. I play a lot of video games, watch a load of films and read a lot of graphic novels (geek proof: I called comics graphic novels) and as such I believe that I have the right to say whatever I want about comic book adaptations. So onto Watchmen. I consider it my duty to tell everyone that the film won’t work and… no… .that’s the old me. The new me is going to be positive. It’s not like Zack Synder is a Director famed for style over substance, I mean most of his films are about the intense characterisation that the comic book readily portrays. Right? Aw forget it, I can’t be positive, it will suck monkey balls and secretly you all know it. And if it’s good (my review will appear here in a week or so) I will eat my badger.

Until next time my internet chums!

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