Sledge’s Live Oscar Blog Twit Thing That Might Not Work

EDIT – The Oscars are now over …

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    Trevor Smith 23rd February 2009

    ya not wrong bout the long night ! i feel sorry for you, isnt it only like 1 AM where you are ?! Its like 11AM here, so least it runs thru the day time !

    There has to be an upset ! Is is possible Gus Van Sant can win best director ?? And will the academy want Mickey Rourke to do an acceptance speech ?!!

  • Avatar
    Sledge 23rd February 2009

    Cheers Trevor.

    It is now 01.30 !

    I hope there are a few surprises !!

  • Avatar
    Trevor Smith 23rd February 2009

    The reason why the musical was so boring was as he said at the end – created by Baz ‘i make boring and highly over rated movies’ Lurhmann.

    Must be nearly time for Heath !!

  • Avatar
    Trevor Smith 23rd February 2009

    I cant believe Milk didnt win best film editing ???

  • Avatar
    Trevor Smith 23rd February 2009

    OMG ! I was just about to type how good is he – and DeNiro in Scorsese’s King of Comedy ! lol

  • Avatar
    Trevor Smith 23rd February 2009

    Daniel Day Lewis and Sean Penn are the finest living actors in the world today and Penn should of won a couple of oscars BEFORE Mystic River…But i feel Mickey Rourke should of won today.


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