Outlander is similar to a night out in Newcastle. No one wants to go to Newcastle, you’re either from that tribe or you break down there. You have a different language to people there, it seems as if it’s in the past, and you have neater hair.

Maybe Newcastle doesn’t seem so bad when the locals seem to liven up after a pint , until your hassled by a beast who won’t leave you alone.

Can you ever bring yourself to leave Newcastle or does it hold its grasp over you like a black and white blanket?

Outlander = Newcastle.

In a nutshell, Kainan, (Caviezel) crash lands on earth (Newcastle) in 709 AD bringing with him a Moorwen a Beast from another world.. Kainan’s crew are dead and he has unfortunately dropped his super high-tech Dragon Slaying gun into the river. Oh Shit.

He is captured by Vikings (Geordies) and taken to their village for questioning. After their camp is attacked and Kainan’s attempts to convince the tribe that this is a creature of death, the tribe go on a quest to seek revenge for those they have lost.

Completely plausible so far, I think It’s based on a true story…

However, This film is a cliché in many aspects of the production, Firstly you have Jimmy C who is a good actor with a weird choice in the roles he chooses. He’s been Jesus, God’s son, (one of many) I think he could be fussy from now on, but no, Dragon Slayer from a mystical planet it is.

The scenery is nicely shot and the acting isn’t overly bad, the process just all happens a little too quickly. Once villain to hero within about 2 days, from hero to king before the week’s done. It’s Howard McCain’s first feature film and unfortunately it still has the feel of a made for TV movie.

There is the typical love interest between the kings daughter Freya (Sophia Myles) and army leader Wulfric (Jack Huston) who looks the same as any dashing lead in these sci-fi adventure films, long (washed) hair with lovely teeth because maybe a monster won’t get everyone’s pulses racing.

The monster is nothing we haven’t really seen before, Alien shocked us, Jurassic Park bought childhood stories and picture book images to life. In 2009 I maybe expected a little more.

Have a gander if Eastenders or an interminable soap is on, otherwise have an early night.


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