First Trek film footage unveiled

Some dude at The BBC has seen footage from Star Trek.

“The preview began with a screening of the latest trailer, which showed scenes of Kirk and Spock as children and Eric Bana as Romulan villain Nero.

Abrams then introduced the first excerpt, in which “farm boy” Kirk gets into a bar brawl with four Starfleet officers.

Kirk is subsequently seen being smuggled on board the Starship Enterprise on its maiden voyage by doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy, played by Karl Urban.

A third scene introduced Pegg’s character Montgomery Scott, while a fourth revealed some effects-laden footage from the film’s finale.

Other familiar characters featured included communications officer Uhura, played by Zoe Saldana; Hikaru Sulu, played by John Cho; and Pavel Chekov, played by Anton Yelchin.

Bruce Greenwood plays Commander Christopher Pike, captain of the Enterprise, who is shown at one point exhorting Kirk to follow his father’s example and enlist in Starfleet.

In his scene, meanwhile, Nimoy’s Mr Spock is seen delivering the Star Trek legend: “Live long and prosper.””

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  • Jorn 12th November 2008

    Can hardly wait for the trailer! Its supposed to hit the web on Monday, but I bet someone will get it out before then. Long live and prosper!

  • Sledge 12th November 2008

    Monday is the date Jorn.
    More Star Trek shit coming up …


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