What is it like to be Terrence Malick? Along with 'why did they make Cars 3 before The Incredibles 2?', 'how is a two

While at Cannes the Netflix logo that precedes Okja was met with boos, it's difficult to imagine that this bizarre, absurdist super-pig film would

Particularly in this golden age of television, when it would be unfair to assume a TV show may have less cinematic value than any

Not to be dramatic, but Modern Life is Rubbish is one of the worst films I've ever seen. Not that I seek out bad

The 71st Edinburgh Film Festival started with a simmer rather than a bang. Having screened Yorkshire set drama God's Own Country as the festival's

A Good Day to Die: Hoka Hey, the documentary by Harold Monfils chronicling the work of war photographer Jason P. Howe begins with Jason

Blaring ambulance sirens set the tone for Heard, a London-based religious short that plays more like a music video, or one of those non-specific