Having created quite an obsession in my mind with Neil


Edgar Friendly Jr. - aka Bonejangles - is a serial


Whether it’s the dark brooding mystery of Momento, the persistent mind-throb of Inception or the unrelenting, heart-squeezing tension of Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan remains a

Visionary Czech filmmaker Karel Zema’s timeless fantasy gets a hi-definition re-release through Second Run. This unconventional romantic adventure follows an intrepid explorer from earth that

Spider-Man Homecoming is the sixth, yes sixth Spider-Man film - seventh if you include that little role he had in Captain America Civil War.

There’s something about the number three. Something just feels right about it. And, in any story telling medium we see it a lot. The

In many ways, The Beguiled is the most 'Sofia Coppola' that a Sofia Coppola movie has ever been. Almost everything she's done has revealed

A melancholic journey into the past, Sunday Worship is a thought provoking short film tackling old age, loss and memory. Thoroughly relatable to any Brit,

For her opera directing debut, Sofia Coppola has chosen Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata - and no more fitting a choice could have been made. Translated