Salta (Salta Bekturova) and Iva (Iva Litova), two Albanian young women cycle from Albania to England hoping to make people aware that Jesus is

Der müde Tod or Destiny as it’s commonly called in English, is a silent film written by Fritz Lang and his wife Thea von

David Lynch: The Art Life is the Lynch narrated account of the life of the filmmaker before he became that, a filmmaker. From his

This short western sees a troubled sheriff and a lone gunslinger take down the notorious gang terrorising the town.  If all that sounds very

In space, no one can hear you scream. That’s probably because nobody will be screaming. Not this time at least. Alien Covenant is the

“Andreas and Stefan lead a happy and passionate life: Together with their beloved tomcat Moses, they live in a beautiful old house in Vienna's

It’s difficult to decide what to make out of Spaceship, the writer-director Alex Taylor debut which will be in UK cinemas on May the

I've been sent the Penclic Mouse R3 to play about with and straight off the bat I'm quite impressed.  It looks like a travel

Austin Powers, Johnny English and now Richard Thorncroft A.K.A Mindhorn. It is a very British tradition in the audiovisual world to come up with

Set in Cold War America, after a retaliatory action, President Keates and the First Lady are secured deep below ground. Truths will be revealed,

The Happiest Place on Earth opens with a montage of childrens' pencil drawings, all depicting a typical family idyll. My mommy, my daddy, my

This review has been reposted for the DVD release. A clashing orchestra of heartache, triumph and the absolute will to live and die on stage. We