“The house I live in is an island. My dad says we’re trapped…He says a man who can read, write and kill has got

After a 30 year hiatus, Pierce Brosnan is back on our tv screens in The Son. His role as Eli McCullough the patriarch of

Frank and Lola is a stylish thriller, come love story come film noir from first-time writer/director Matthew Ross. Frank is played with brooding magnificence

Why do I live in a world where we have a film that stars Michael Wincott and he is not one of the major

The Hatton Garden Job attempts to portray one of Britain’s most notorious heists in history £200 million of diamonds stolen from inside one of

Dirs. Zeva Oelbaum and Sabine Krayenbühl. This documentary is supremely researched, and its findings turn up a delicious pot of history for us to sink our

What Free Fire basically amounts to is a very violent game of paintball with some of the best character actors of today. I don’t

Tackling a question that at first seems blunt and unbelievable, The Voice in the Head proves that the central thesis question of “If sanity

I’ll throw my arms up here, I’ve not really watched The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. I was a kid of the ‘90’s, so I

America has a new president. He’s hell-bent on stripping away healthcare insurance, and plunging the country into another Middle-Eastern war. Sounds familiar, right? This is

David Tennant is monstrously good as RD Laing in Mad To Be Normal.  For the uninitiated, R.D.Laing was a Scottish psychiatrist who became this

Exodus, the latest documentary by Elias Matar, documents the harrowing journey of Syrian refugees as they cross the Aegean Sea from Turkey into Greece.