Shadows of a Stranger (2014) it’s a low budget debut feature film co directed by Richard Dutton and Chris Clark. This supernatural thriller makes

Our Last Tango (2015) understands that outside of the specific interest of tango and dance in general, audiences may have trouble engaging with a

Kingsman the Secret Service was a good film, if you’re into that sort of thing. Basically a more over-the-top version of the early Bond

In Between is astounding, moving and vibrant. In 2017 the buzz word in the film industry is diversity and In Between is just that -

There has always been something alluring about films inspired or set in the backdrop of true events. And I don’t mean when the industry

This French short film from writer-director Josza Anjembe follows a young Cameroonian woman on her quest for French citizenship.Seventeen-year-old Seyna has aced her baccalaureate

What's that saying - Good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere. Well in this new role, Letty Raines (Michelle Dockery) is trying