Review: Zygote


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The third instalment of Oatmeal Studios’ Volume One series takes us into deep space as Zygote introduces us into a dystopia where disposable labour is used instead of its synthetic counter-part in a corporate cover up. Not only that, but there’s a monster that absorbs your body parts!

Despite introducing us to his least gruesome creation of the series Neil Blomkamp continues to mix genres and social dialogue with the same success that brought us District 9 and we’re even treated to the return of Dakota Fanning in a role you wouldn’t have seen her take on five years ago. Fanning gives the usual crisp and simple performance she’s known for, and her co-star Jose Pablo Cantillo delivers an excellent anti-hero as he tries to guide her to safety as he slowly divulges the secrets of her past.

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The effects still don’t stand up to its big budget Hollywood counterparts, but based on the smaller budget Oatmeal studios undoubtedly has (albeit relatively massive compared to many short films) the effects stand up, and I was particularly impressed with the creative sets and wardrobe.

Well-paced and exciting Zygote is my favourite of the three releases so far, and I am very excited to see the conclusion of Volume One. Everyone who loves District 9 should check out these shorts. If you’re looking for a quick bit of brilliant sci-fi, this is a great taste.

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