Lost In London With A Woody Harrelson Q&A

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I just got home after the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse screening of Lost in London and a Q&A session afterwards with Woody Harrelson himself and I must say, I really really enjoyed the movie!

There is so much to talk about but basically what it boils down to is he has created a funny, philosophical, and personal piece of cinema that not only entertains but actually does something new with the medium.

Back on January 20th 2017 the film was shot in one complete take over 2 hours from 10:30pm and the whole time it was filming it was livestreamed to select cinemas across the globe. The edit I saw today had the benefit of added sound and music but apart from that it was completely untouched. There are moments where slight mistakes were made (one very big one) but they’re kept in and have a lot to do with the charm that makes this film so likeable.

Woody Harrelson is absolutely brilliant in it! You can tell it was a personal story cause he owns it from the very beginning. I have always been a fan but he really does exceed expectations at times here. The fact that he was a producer on the film as well as writing it and making his directorial debut with it is nothing less than incredible! It’s a huge success and really bodes well for what he might want to do next in terms of directing and writing. I doubt he will do the “one take” or the “live” thing again though as the man himself said it was hell! I must also mention that Owen Wilson crops up in a very funny bar scene and Bono’s voice is quite surreally heard over a phone call on loudspeaker. There a few other cool little celeb moments too but I won’t spoil them for you.

Lost In London With A Woody Harrelson Q&A

Lost In London With A Woody Harrelson Q&A

The only real comparison you can make to this film is Victoria from a couple of years ago and unfortunately when put side by side it would be Victoria that comes out on top just from the sheer spectacle of how far that takes it whilst still remaining within the one take restraint but Lost in London is definitely funnier and really has a lot to say about family, friendship and fame as well as just showing how things can get out of hand so quickly if we don’t keep our cool.

I really hope this gets a proper release and it sounds like it might as Woody is in talks with Picturehouse as the response from these Q&As has been so good. I would happily sit through this again in the theatre and I’m definitely going to go through Woody’s filmography and rewatch some of his classics. The man is a legend!

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