Gaspar Noe To Release Enter The Void In 2009

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By White.

“Movies are really a kind of dream-state, or like taking dope.” ~ Martin Scorsese

Who here knows about French-Argentinian director Gaspar Noe ? He already has two features to his credit, Seul Contre Tous (known in English as I Stand Alone (1998)) and the highly controversial Irréversible (2002) as well as other shorts, music videos and commercials to his credit.

It has just been announced that his third film, Enter The Void will be released this August, at least in his native France. An eight minute promo reel was recently screened at the Berlin Film Festival to good reviews, but whether Noe’s film will be shown in Cannes is still uncertain. The special effects, which have taken several years to complete, are what may tip the scales.

The plot is as follows, according to the film’s press kit:

Oscar, (20), and his sister Linda (18), are recent arrivals in Tokyo. Oscar sells drugs for a living, and Linda works as a nightclub stripper. One night, Oscar goes to a bar to make a deal. But the cops are waiting, and in the panic that ensues he is accidentally shot.

As Oscar lies dying, his perception grows distorted. Swept along a limitless tunnel of memories, he witnesses again the death of his parents in a car crash when he was five years old, and the promise he made to his little sister – that he would never abandon her. A dazzling light tears him from these memories but Oscar cannot abandon the world of the living. Like a disembodied spirit, his vision flies through the city and around those close to him. But despite all his efforts, he cannot communicate with them. Not even with Linda. Magnificent coloured lights appear again, and try to pull him away from the world, but he rejects them, true to his promise and a prisoner to his desires and his fears. Oscar’s perceptions grow evermore distorted, his visions evermore chaotic and nightmarish. Past, present and future merge in a hallucinatory maelstrom.

Shot from start to finish from the subjective point of view or mental perspective of its leading character, ENTER THE VOID is a hallucinatory film, a melodrama of altered states of consciousness.

Personally I am looking forward to this film. I am sure the visuals are going to be mindbending and as whole it will be a hallucinatory experience. As more information and visuals are being released it’s apparent that Noe won’t let us down.

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Special thanks to Le Temps Detruit Tout, Noe’s unofficial fansite. For more information I would recommend you make a visit there.

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