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Alex Secker is a writer/director/editor. His debut feature film, the micro-budget thriller Follow the Crows, won Best Independent Film at the Global Film Festival Awards, while his stage-play, The Door, won the People’s Choice Award at the 2017 Swinge Festival.


With Aladdin having just hit cinemas and the “live-action” (seriously, how the feck is that thing live-action?? The Lion King coming out this summer, it looks

Murder Made Easy David Palamaro

Throughout history audiences have never been able to get enough a good murder mystery. We see the concept employed in a multitude of different

Christopher Nolan

Nolan and Tom & Jerry

Weekly Round Up: Batman, Mortal Kombat, Chris Rock

The big news this week surrounds Matt Reeves’ The Batman. We’ve not heard much about The Batman for a little while now, beyond the


Right. Everybody, calm down and take some deep breaths. We’ve got some massive, humongous, potentially Earth-shattering news for you this week. In fact, it’s