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Alex Secker is a writer/director/editor. His debut feature film, the micro-budget thriller Follow the Crows, won Best Independent Film at the Global Film Festival Awards, while his stage-play, The Door, won the People’s Choice Award at the 2017 Swinge Festival.

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So, it appears horror is still on the up and up this week with the announcement that none other than everyone’s favourite Obi-Wan that


Love him or hate him it would appear Tarantino isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. His new movie, titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,


New horror Hereditary is being heralded as a masterpiece of the genre, with star Toni Collette being singled out for her performance. It seems

Solo: A Star Wars Story

How I lost all enthusiasm for mainstream cinema. I missed the midnight showing of Solo. It just slipped my mind and I failed to check