Alex Secker
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Alex Secker is a writer/director/editor. His debut feature film, the micro-budget thriller Follow the Crows, won Best Independent Film at the Global Film Festival Awards, while his stage-play, The Door, won the People’s Choice Award at the 2017 Swinge Festival.

Downton Abbey

Shhhh. Everyone keep it down, because Paramount have announced that the sequel to this years box-office smash, A Quiet Place, directed by John Karsinski

That Folk Horror Vibe

Just what is folk horror, and why is it so popular? Any of you who follow me personally on social media will probably be aware

Heat Wave: Review

Playing like an incredibly straight and far less interesting Pulp Fiction, Heat Wave has a calm and quiet manner that, while at first captivating

Maya Hawke

Probably the most interesting news this week (in my opinion, obviously, chill out guys) is that the Guillermo del Toro produced Scary Stories to


Another week, more of the same in terms of news. For starters, Variety ran a story that was actually a non-story, explaining that the