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Roz is as picky about what she watches as what she eats. She watches movies alone and dines solo too (a new trend perhaps?!). As a self confessed scaredy cat, Roz doesn’t watch horror films, even Goosebumps made her jump in parts!

BAFTA 10th Annual Screenwriters' Lecture Series 2019

Annual Screenwriters' Lecture Series at BAFTA 2019. Pedro Almódovar, Robert Eggers and Bong Joon Ho among those featured in BAFTAs 10th annual Screenwriters’

After The Wedding: Review

After The Wedding is an ambitious script that tried to tie lots of themes together but it didn’t know which theme or type of


BBFC Film Ratings Aren't Just For Cinema. Have you ever wondered how one film is 12 and another, a 15? What about those horror

Brittany Runs A Marathon

Brittany Runs A Marathon is that feel good film, completely unexpected and a total surprise because it has substance that will have you cheering

Tell It To The Bees

Tell It To The Bees is a period drama telling the story of an emerging lesbian love affair set in a small town in