Rosalynn Try-Hane 280POSTS

Ros is as picky about what she watches as what she eats. She watches movies alone and dines solo too (a new trend perhaps?!). As a self confessed scaredy cat, Ros doesn’t watch horror films, even Goosebumps made her jump in parts!

The BRWC Review: Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky ticks all the requirements for a heist/caper movie on paper but just didn't work on screen. Unlucky for Steven Soderbergh he just couldn't recreate the

Virgin TV

It's been a long summer right? The kids aren't back at school yet and you've probably run out of ideas by now. Never fear

Top Ten 90 Minute Films On Amazon Prime

If you're not a football fan what do you do and you're better half, housemates, family are all about their team what do you

Midnight, Texas

Do you remember True Blood - Sookie, Lafayette, Bill, Eric? Well, you need to forget them. Welcome to Midnight where everyone is stranger still. Midnight,

Audible Launched The Austen Taxi

COMMUTERS TRAVELLED LIKE IT WAS 1817 IN AUDIBLE’S AUSTEN TAXIS Audible Debuts All-Star Audio Dramatisation Of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey To Mark The 200th Anniversary Of Her Death Last