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Ros is as picky about what she watches as what she eats. She watches movies alone and dines solo too (a new trend perhaps?!). As a self confessed scaredy cat, Ros doesn’t watch horror films, even Goosebumps made her jump in parts!

East End Film Festival

The East End Film Festival is now in its 17th Year - yes 17th and hasn’t it come a long way.  The festival director


Do you miss Harry Potter as much as we do here at BRWC? Well, never fear, Audible have your back. On Thursday 15 March, two

You Were Never Really Here

The best things come to those who wait and, well it was worth it. You Were Never Here is a tour de force both

I, Tonya

I,Tonya is a sharp, sassy biopic of Tonya Harding that talks about the incident, you know some other skater called Nancy Kerrigan had her


There’s a new streaming service in town and it’s curated! Hoorah. But wait you say, aren’t all the streaming services curated. Well no, not