Joel Fisher 615POSTS

Joel found out that he had a talent for absorbing film trivia at a young age. Ever since then he has probably watched more films than the average human being, not because he has no filter but because it’s one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling and enriching experiences that a person can have. He also has a weak spot for bad sci-fi/horror movies because he is a huge geek and doesn’t care who knows it.

Snowflakes: Final Girls Berlin Review

Snowflakes is a short film written and directed by Faye Jackson. Esther (Sharon Duncan-Brewster) and Miriam (Cherrelle Skeete) are two women who are being

Tingle Monsters

There’s something inherently creepy about somebody whispering in your ear, especially when you don’t know who’s whispering. The thought of somebody being up close


Re-home: Final Girls Berlin Review. Re-Home sets its very short story in a not too distant future where the wall between Mexico and

Exam: Final Girls Berlin

Exam is a short film about a teenage girl living in Iran who faces a difficult decision when she is forced to make a

Go Down Death

Go Down Death is the arthouse feature debut of up and coming writer/director Aaron Schimberg. Based on the folklore of Jonathan Mallory Sinus (a