Roundheads And Cavaliers: Review

Roundheads And Cavaliers

Keith (Alex Carter) and Gareth (David Schaal) are enthusiastic historical re-enactment players who dress up as Roundheads during their spare time and participate in presumably historically accurate battles against the Cavaliers. Alice (Cariad Lloyd) is new to the hobby, but is willing to learn and picks up on the activities quite quickly, much to the delight of Keith.

So, in the middle of the English countryside they meet to help Alice to get into the swing of things and hope that they don’t have to contend with any rascally Cavaliers.

Roundheads and Cavaliers is a short British comedy film written by Kevin Mears and directed by Chloe Thomas. In the same vein as British sitcom Detectorists, Roundheads and Cavaliers takes a look at the more unusual hobbies of the British public and uses it to create characters and set up situations whilst all in the wrap of something quintessentially British, cuddly and very funny. In a very short space of time Roundheads and Cavaliers introduces the audience to its main cast of characters, the relationships between them all and immediately tells the audience the kind of people that they are.

Showing this trio in a warm and friendly light, Roundheads and Cavaliers doesn’t ever condescend the main characters for the hobby that they love in the way that other comedies might do.

Instead, Roundheads and Cavaliers shows a snippet of what could be a full-blown sitcom with enough potential to expand on the characters and expand on the supposed rivalry with the only Cavalier, Adrian (Perry Fitpatrick) who is perhaps roleplaying a bit too hard.

There are plenty of moments in its short run that will make the audience smile and even laugh out loud at the things that the characters pick up on that the audience may not have thought about. Roundheads and Cavaliers may give the audience that warm, fuzzy feeling that they need at the end of a long week as they can relax and unwind.

Watching Alice, Gareth and Keith bravely and accurately re-enacting the battles of a time in British history that are not often covered is certainly unique. Especially in comedy.

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