Esme Betamax 76POSTS

Esme Betamax is a writer and illustrator. Often found in the Cube Microplex. Favourites include: I ♡ Huckabees, Where the Buffalo Roam, Harold & Maude, Being John Malkovich and In the Shadow of the Moon.

The Rest Of Us: Review

Producer Aisling Chin-Yee makes her feature film debut directing The Rest of Us. Cami (Heather Graham) and her daughter Aster navigate a difficult situation

Marcel Duchamp: The Art Of The Possible - Review

Marcel Duchamp: The art of the possible is an illuminative account of the origin and legacy of the “Father of conceptualism” Marcel Duchamp. An

Film School Africa: Review

Director Nathan Pfaff, editor of the documentary The Advocate, displays an interest in people who eschew financial success in favour of altruistic fulfilment. Film

Attachment: Final Girls Berlin Short Review

Attachment: Final Girls Berlin Review Attachment, directed by Katarzyna Babicz is a modern day take on the succubus myth. Maybe even that is a generous

Deep Tissue: Final Girls Berlin Review

Deep Tissue: Final Girls Berlin Review If you have ever been on the receiving end of a sports massage and been left thinking “That really