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Callum spends most free days with friends (mostly watching films, to be honest), caring for his dog, writing, more writing and watching films whenever he can find the chance (which is very often).

Studio 54: Review

I must confess to not having been familiar with Studio 54 at all, never mind the story behind it. Or even that of its

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

It’s time to see another Mission Impossible film, should you choose to accept it. I find myself in a minority here, but I don’t

Skyscraper: The BRWC Review

So, this is what we’ve come to is it? Is Hollywood really so starved of ideas that even original films just copy what’s come

The Meg

Shark films from Hollywood are just like actual shark attacks really. They’re extremely rare, all things considered, but when they happen they’re all over

sixteen candles

I think that we should all give the biggest happy birthday cheers we can. For ten years, BRWC has provided us with coverage