Queer TV And Movies We’re Streaming Right Now

Queer TV And Movies We’re Streaming Right Now

Queer TV And Movies We’re Streaming Right Now. The article is developed in partnership with BetterHelp.

It’s important for everyone to see their communities positively represented in the media. For too many years though the LGBTQIA+ community has been overlooked by Hollywood. Thankfully, more queer films and TV are being produced today than at previous times in history. 

Even though viewing positive queer films and television series can be helpful, sometimes more support can be beneficial through therapy. LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy provides a therapeutic format designed to help members of the queer community feel more validated in their identity. If life feels overwhelming, please don’t hesitate to seek support. Therapy can provide a positive format for confronting challenging issues, such as self-acceptance, discrimination and stigmatization. 

While it’s no substitute for addressing real-life challenges, there are opportunities to find visibility and support for the queer community in television and movies. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of recent favorites, plus a classic worth revisiting. 

Fire Island 

New York’s Fire Island is a landmark vacation spot in the queer community, which gets the Jane Austen treatment in this hilarious and touching film. Loosely inspired by the plot of Pride and Prejudice, Fire Island celebrates authentic LGBTQIA+ representation and culture while providing insightful commentary and hilarious laughs along the way. 

Starring queer actor Joel Kim Booster, who wrote the film, Fire Island is notable for its nuanced explorations of issues facing the queer community and questions surrounding chosen family. Fire Island is the fun, warm summer getaway we could use a little more of. The film also stars Bowen Yang, Margaret Cho, Conrad Ricamore, and James Scully. Find out where to watch Fire Island.

Stream the movie Fire Island.


Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking TV series Pose dramatizes the NYC ball culture of the 1990s. The award-winning series is notable for both its documentation of a queer cultural phenomenon and for the way it was depicted by queer acting talents. While casting of non-queer characters can be controversial at time, Pose brought real-life trans actresses to the forefront. 

The critically acclaimed series ran for three seasons from 2018-2021 and introduced talented trans performers like Angelica Ross, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, and Michaela Rodriguez. 

Find where to stream Pose


One of the things to be celebrated about queer representation is when it’s just showing people living their lives like anyone else – without hatred or bigotry. The television show Hacks stars Jean Smart as a pioneering stand-up comic named Deborah Vance, who blazed the trail for female comedians – while experiencing her own discrimination along the way. 

While Hacks isn’t a story primarily about issues facing the queer community, we get to see the relationships of several of the main characters who identify as queer play out. Smart’s protégé, played by Hannah Einbinder, has gone through a bad breakup with her girlfriend that continues to affect her. We also get to know Smart’s business manager, played by Carl Clemons-Hopkins, who is also queer. 

Plus, the show has a number of LGBTQIA+  storylines, including an unforgettable lesbian cruise. You can watch all seasons of Hacks on Max. 

The Birdcage 

The Birdcage could easily be considered cringey at times by today’s standards, but it’s also interesting to look at the prejudices faced by the queer characters in light of changing times. 

Based loosely on the 1978 French comedy La Cage aux Folles, The Birdcage follows the story of an openly queer couple, Armand and Albert, who are living their best lives as a cabaret owner and star cabaret performer. Until, they’re hastily forced back into the closet in order to help Armand’s son, who has become engaged to the daughter of a prominent Republican politician. 

With unforgettably funny performances by Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as Armand and Albert, the movie depicts the struggles of a queer family who just wants to be treated like any other family with comedy and grace. 

Get details on where to watch The Birdcage

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