The Future Of Ocean’s: What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Remake?

The Future Of Ocean’s: What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Remake?

The Future of Ocean’s: What Can We Expect from the Upcoming Remake?

Ever since the first Ocean’s film hit theatres in 1960, the comedy heist series has become one of the most popular franchises of all time. Every sequel saw significant commercial success amongst audiences despite a lack of critical acclaim. It’s now been 5 years since the release of Ocean’s 8, the first reboot and last instalment of the series so far, and it seems that a remake of the first Ocean’s 11 is the next step ahead for the franchise.

What to Expect from a Modern Casino Heist

It’s worth pointing out that this franchise owes its enduring appeal in part to its theme. There’s nothing quite as entertaining as a comedy heist, especially involving casinos, which are generally quite popular in film. If the next film is a remake of the series debut, it’s interesting to try and predict how a casino heist would look like in modern days.

The gambling world has changed significantly from 1960 and even 2001 to today, when most players gamble mainly online – a land-based casino might even be out of the picture. To adapt the film to current times, the remake could play with new gambling terminology, and make use of the progressive new features that exist today such as the jackpot king, where players can collect extra money and prizes in addition to regular earnings. Whichever route the script ends up taking, it’s safe to say that if this remake is set in the present day, the new technologies that have since been developed in the casino landscape will surely make for a more layered and complex plot.

Another Star-Studded Instalment 

It all started in 1960 when Rat Pack’s original Ocean’s 11 came to the big screen to tell a post-World War II story about a group of veterans who plan a massive heist to rob 5 Las Vegas casinos in one night. In 2001, Steven Soderbergh’s remake spun a highly popular trilogy in which the robbers are seen pulling off new mind-boggling heists.

We have since heard from director Jay Roach that Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are set to be the main characters. Of course, who better to play the main criminal duo than Hollywood’s most famous pair these days?

What’s more, the actors can be currently seen in the blockbuster film Barbie by Warner Bros. Discovery, who are also producing the alleged new Ocean’s film, so it would make sense to build on the hype around Barbie for this remake.

After some buzz went around about a potential Ocean’s 14 film, more concrete rumours started flooding the internet, this time about a remake of the original Ocean’s 11 from 1960. As one of the main reasons why the Ocean’s films are constant box office hits is their unwavering A-list casts, fans have since speculated largely about what actors would star in the new film.

Especially in a world where remakes seem to be the way to go, it’s understandable that audiences long for new releases that expand the cinematic universes they’ve come to know and love, and it’s no different for the Ocean’s series. Whether we’re getting a remake of the original film, a sequel that picks up from where Ocean’s 13 left off or an Ocean’s 9 following Debbie and Lou’s next heist, we’re here for it.

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