The Ghosts Of Monday: Review

Bruce (Julian Sands) is the host of a supernatural television show who has come to unveil probably his greatest discovery. Along with his crew, he meets Frank (Anthony Skordi) and Rosemary (Maria Ioannu) at their hotel in Greece which is said to be the most haunted hotel in the world. The problem is that there has never been footage of any paranormal activity and Bruce is willing to go to any lengths to get it on camera.

The Ghosts of Monday is a supernatural thriller directed and co-written by Francesco Cinquemani which sets an interesting atmosphere and has a variety of ideas. At under ninety minutes, the pacing of the film feels just right, although maybe at times it shifts genres a little too often.

Those expecting a traditional ghost story should be delighted and with Sands at the centre, his charming and affable performance lulls them into a false sense of confidence. That’s when the film decides to take things up a notch and deliver the horror they were waiting for.

However, there are some elements which may not work as well for audiences such as the obvious misdirects and times where it seems to change from mystery ghost story to all out horror. Saying that though, there may be enough twists and turns to keep the audience interested until the very end.

Although those who expect a film to have a happy ending where everything is tied up neatly may not be as satisfied.

Unfortunately, despite the confident production and performances which range from well honed and experienced to screamers for hire, the many ways in which The Ghosts of Monday is pulled may frustrate and confuse its audience. Those expecting something more straightforward may get bored with the slow build up, while others may feel a bit overwhelmed by the story which goes to many places they may not expect.

There may even be those who like how the film goes as the ending is about as far removed from the start as is possible. However, it perhaps should not be judged on what the audience expected and rather how it turned out.

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