Evil Dead Rise: Trailer Talk

Evil Dead Rise: Trailer Talk

2023 will finally see the release of the fourth ‘Evil Dead’ film, ‘Evil Dead Rise’. Originally made for HBO Max, the synopsis was originally intended to be a crossover between the 2013 remake and the original trilogy. However, this was cancelled due to the release of the Starz show ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ and, since then, production on the film had been lacking. But, wednesday saw the arrival of the first trailer for ‘Evil Dead Rise’.

‘Evil Dead Rise’ follows a family as they discover the Necronomicon and accidently unleash the demonic Evil upon their mother.

With creator Sam Raimi and ‘Evil Dead’ actor Bruce Campbell producing, nerves were replaced by excitement for this entry; all of the entries in the franchise have been consistently fantastic and this one look to be just as good, and just as brutal as the 2013 remake! The 2013 film was the goriest film I’ve ever seen, but ‘Rise’ is clearly attempting to match the level of gore and violence. Plus, it looks as if it’s going to have some creative kills, including a particularly harrowing scene involving a cheese grater! 

What sets ‘Rise’ apart from the other entries is that it’s a contained story set in the suburbs, which is a first for the franchise. While a cabin is featured in the trailer, the film looks as if it will change location in its runtime and become a self-contained story in this new setting. It will make a huge difference compared to the wilderness of the woods, and also gives the possibility of the Evil moving onto the other areas in the city/town. 

After witnessing the mayhem of the ‘Evil Dead Rise’ trailer, my excitement has skyrocketed. It looks creepy and just as brutal as its film predecessor and the new setting makes for an interesting dynamic. The only question that arises is when will these characters learn not to read from a book bound by human flesh!?

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