Animaniacs Season 3: Trailer Talk

Animaniacs Season 3: Trailer Talk

Animaniacs Season 3: Trailer Talk.

After being revived by Hulu in 2020, ‘Animaniacs’ has been welcomed by original fans and seen by new ones. But, as much as I wished they’d stay around forever, the trailer for the final season has been released.

‘Animaniacs’ is an animated show created by Steven Spielberg. Originally airing in the UK in 1993, it featured the Warner Brothers (Wakko, Yakko and Dot) and their adventures round the Warner Bros. Studios. 

The show sees the return of the Warner Brothers (and Warner sister) as well as Pinky and the Brain. Furthermore, the humour and 4th wall breaks are back too, including a sequence that potentially hints the three siblings’ knowledge of the show ending. This, particularly, would make for a heart-warming conclusion to the revival as they say goodbye to their fanbase.

Another sequence sees Pinky and the Brain involved in a car chase reminiscent to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, and Pinky thinks back on their story arc and the fact they’ve done the same thing every day. With this being the final season, there’s potential for each character to look back on not only the revival but the 90’s show too. It would make for a nice close to a classic. 

Having grown up with the original show, the revival was something I looked forward to when it was first announced, and it’s been a hilariously crazy but memorable experience. The revival has not only stayed true to the tone and humour of its source material but, with social media and the internet now being a prominent part of people’s lives, it’s been able to add humorous commentary to that and it’s been wonderful. 

It’ll be sad to see the show end, but I will definitely be watching the final season of ‘Animaniacs’.

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