Elemental: Trailer Talk

Elemental: Trailer Talk

Elemental: Trailer Talk

After giving toys and even emotions feelings, Pixar are now focusing on giving elements emotions in their new film ‘Elemental’.

‘Elemental’ follows Ember, a fire element, and Wade, a water element, as they meet in a city where humanoid elements live together.

The teaser trailer is short, but fantastically introduces this new world and the film’s lead characters without revealing its plot. It’s very reminiscent of Pixar’s early teasers, which only introduced the lead characters of upcoming films. But it also hints at a similar theme that ‘Zootopia’ had.

The teaser follows Ember as she travels on a train into the city. As she walks down the carriage, the other passengers seem to be afraid of her, presumably due to fire’s destructive nature. This could imply that, like ‘Zooptopia’s tension between prey and predators, ‘Elemental’ could have one between fire and the other elements. This further makes for an interesting premise when she meets Wade, a water element.

‘Elemental’ looks intriguing and I’m glad that the plot has not been revealed yet. The animation looks fantastic; different art styles have been applied to each character to make them look unique and it looks beautiful. The teaser also did well to introduce the setting, characters and the conflicts this premise could potentially bring.

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