To The Moon: Review

To The Moon: Review

Dennis (Scott Friend) and Mia Lotz (Madeleine Morgenweck) are having relationship troubles. Dennis is a recovering drug addict and for an actor that is not the best thing to go public. Mia is also coming to a crossroads with her career in sports so although she’s fully supporting her husband, she has doubts.

So, they decide to go away together to have some time alone so Dennis can detox and Mia can re-evaluate her life. However, one day Dennis’ estranged brother Roger (Will Brill) turns up and their road to recovery is completely changed.

To The Moon is a slow burning drama written and directed by Scott Friend about a couple on the brink who are brought together in an unusual way by a relative stranger. Never really knowing what’s going to happen, Roger’s alternative lifestyle seems appealing to Dennis at first as he says that he can help with his addiction. However, fantasy mixes with reality as the audience are pulled in different directions as Dennis doesn’t know whether his brother is truly there to help him or not.

Roger is obnoxious and socially awkward which makes things worse and Dennis’ state of mind is constantly questioned as he sees his brother and his wife getting closer. This makes for a tense viewing for an audience who may think they know where the story is going, but the way that it gets there makes it all the more entertaining.

Also, despite it being a film directed and written by one of its central actors it never feels like a passion project. Scott’s performance in front of the screen is never overplayed or made to feel that it’s all about him which invests the audience more.

The final act may feel like it takes a hard right turn and becomes far more hallucinogenic than the audience may be expecting though. Its final message may be a little too literal for some as well, but audiences won’t often see something so unique.

To The Moon may feel like a slow burn horror movie which you think you may be able to predict, but it’s a thrilling enough experience that you may not mind the more obvious directions it takes.  

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