Ticket To Paradise: The BRWC Review

Ticket to Paradise is like a dream luxury holiday that you wish for, save all your money and then arrive and think: is this it, as the days merge into one and paradise turns into boring hell. The film Ticket to Paradise is written and directed by Ol Parker with the two leads played by George Clooney and Julia Roberts should have been a rom com delight, except it isn’t.

Two divorced parents, Georgia (Julia Roberts) and David (George Clooney) decide to put aside their mutual hatred in order to stop, what they believe is a huge mistake, their daughter Lily getting married to a local man she meets on her post graduation trip to Bali.

Ticket to Paradise’s premise is a decent one if indeed it had a solid storyline and script. What we the audience are left with are a series of set pieces that individually are occasionally funny eg. when Georgia and David are sat next to each other in business class but then the jokes wane. I’m sure it was funny on paper but when Clooney is supposedly bitten by a dolphin it just feels and looks lame.

The charm of rom coms is in their predictability but we need to enjoy the journey to that destination. There’s very little by way of charm in this film. Ol Parker has attempted to shake up the genre slightly but it just doesn’t work. The warring parents has been done better in It’s Complicated written by Nancy Myers. Ticket to Paradise needed more characters or possibly more time spent in the US so that we could get to know the parents better. Even with a running time of only 1hr 44 mins, this feels too long.

This film is for die hard Julia Roberts and George Clooney fans. However, if you’re looking for a 90s or early 2000 rom com this is not it, not by a long shot.


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