Cherry: Review

Cherry: Review

Cherry: Review. By Jake Peffer.

Cherry tells the story of a young girl of the same name who must make one of the biggest decisions of her life within the next 24 hours. She just found out that she’s pregnant and must decide whether she plans on keeping the baby. We follow her as she interacts with friends, family and her boyfriend as she struggles to make this difficult decision.

This is a straightforward story that is a great character study of a woman making the biggest decision of her life up to this point. Writer/Director Sophie Galibert does a good job telling this story and makes you invested in what Cherry’s final choice will be. For this to fully come to fruition it takes a good performance from the main actress and Alexandria Trewhitt does a stellar job in the role. Trewhitt is what runs this movie, she is in every scene, and it is entirely about her. Everyone else helps push the story along but nobody adds as much as Trewhitt.

With a very short run time Cherry is paced well and it gets in and gets out. There is no filler here which is a breath of fresh air as a lot of movies like this will have a lot going on that doesn’t push the story forward. All the other actors here outside of Trewhitt are fine but they do feel as if they aren’t actors and just people that were local and fit the need of the role. This movie won’t exactly be for everyone, as it touches on abortion, but the story is well done, and it plays out in a way that doesn’t promote abortion but just makes it known that it’s a possible option.

All in all, Cherry is a short and to the point movie. This won’t shock you or blow your socks off, but it is a well-made movie. There’s a good performance from Alexandria Trewhitt and it is a well told story that does get you invested.

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